11 places to relax and unwind, for free, in Sheffield

Sheffield can be a stressful place, so we thought it might be useful to compile a little list of just some of the places you can go to chill out, for free.

11. Graves Gallery

Home to Sheffield’s visual art collection, above the Central library, this place is perfect if you’re stuck right in the middle of the city and need to clear your head.

'Comfort Blanket' by Grayson Perry

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10. Grenoside / Wharncliffe Woods

N A T I V E S //

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One of the few places you can truly “escape” to, in the North of the City. Dense woodland walks that go on for miles, sweet-ass bike trails and (in places) pure seclusion from society make these woods an incredible place to get lost for a while.

9. Lynwood Gardens

Lynwood Gardens Nature Reserve is a hidden gem in between Broomhill and Broomhall, just behind the Francis Newton pub. This small woodland area can, at times, feel kind of magical, especially given it’s many hand-carven wood sculptures. Many free spirited events take place here in during Summer evenings but it’s a nice little spot to lose 10 minutes during a busy day.

Photo by Lois Conlan

8. Weston Park & Museum

Photo by Shane Rounce

Get yourself a Starbucks, learn some stuff about the world in the Museum, then grab a seat on one of many benches around this glorious Park and watch the world go by. There’s also some Tennis Courts, for that fitness kick, plus a Band Stand to keep you entertained during the Summer weekends.

7. Bole Hills

Photo by Mike Lee

A place where lead was formerly smelted in the open air. Tucked away at the back of Crookes, it’s now a wonderful area to walk the dog, sit on a bench to overlook Stannington or smash some jumps on the Bike track.

6. Sheffield Canal

Photo by Shane Rounce

Running almost 4 miles, from Town to Tinsley, Sheffield Canal is by far one of the more under utilised spots for relaxing in the city. One of the greenest and most vibrant routes in the city, with some interested perspectives on Architecture both old and new, the Canal is littered with interesting things to see and plenty of little spots to escape and unwind.

5. General Cemetery

Now you might not think a Graveyard is the best place to be hanging out to clear your head. If that’s the case you’ve obviously never been to Sheffield’s General Cemetery. A truly beautiful space, situated between Sharrow Vale and Ecclesall Road, right near the City Centre. There’s a large grassy area, plenty of trees, a floral garden (running parallel to Porter Brook) and, of course, the Cemetery itself.

The graveyard here can be an eery site if you visit in the evening, though it sure makes for a serene place to site and think, on the sunnier days.

4. Sheffield Botanical Gardens

A whole range of different types of trees, plants and flowers (over 5,000, actually), criss-crossed with loads of different paths and grassy areas, with plenty of quiet places to sit. An awesome inner-city spot that easily puts mosts parks and other green spaces to shame. There’s even an old “bear pit” and a greenhouse with some interesting foreign fauna, if that’s your thing.

3. Padley Gorge

Situated on the outskirts of Sheffield, nestled in The Peak District is the perfect location to get out your camera or relax with a book (during the warmer months).

Photos by Shane Rounce

Full of character, the dense woodland of Padley Gorge hides many secrets. It’s winding waters, variety of rocks and trails offer a multitude of activities for people of any age. Out here you’re only limited by your own imagination.

2. South Street Open Space

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Overlooking the City, right behind the Train Station, is the perfect spot to soak in the evening lights of Sheffield’s gorgeous architecture. Not much more can be said for this place. Go grab a Burger King, roll up something special and go appreciate the view.

1.  Endcliffe Park

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Opened in 1887 to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Mixing parkland, woodland, a number of different activity areas, ponds and general good-feels, Endcliffe Park is the perfect place to visit, at any time of year, if you need to unwind and forget about the world, even for just a short while.

Photo by Shane Rounce