Tips for students new to Sheffield

So you’ve either got your offer for Sheffield, you’ve got your heart set on it or you’ve applied. Sheffield is a great city for students with a lot to offer.

1. Find your future flatmates on Facebook through the freshers groups

You don’t want to be turning up on move-in day as the mystery 6th person (this happened in my flat), when everyone else has bonded in the group chat before move in day and you turn up not knowing anyone’s names and then having to awkwardly introduce yourself, leaving everyone wondering why you swerved finding them on Facebook beforehand.


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2. Get tickets for the events you want to go to early

Posting in freshers groups the morning of an event offering to buy tickets for 150% face value is never fun, get yourself organised and check out which events take your fancy, from bassline at Tank to indie hits at Leadmill, Sheffield has it all, just pick wisely, events will sell out, especially Corporation’s skool disco


3. Save for freshers week

Don’t be that guy who blows his whole student loan during freshers week and has to live off Aldi own brand noodles and beans for the next 3 months. It’s not fun.


4. Find out how close you are to the best clubs (and also your uni)

The trek from Endcliffe village to any club is horrendous and definitely requires a taxi, however the two-minute walk from Victoria halls or Allen court to Corporation is glorious, and you’ll thank yourself when you’re tucking into a warm kebab in the comfort of your bed after attempting the rainbow challenge in corp. Waking up ten minutes before a lecture and still being able to be on time is very important as a fresher, don’t fool yourself, you’re not going to wake up on time for every lecture.

Monday Corp has ruined me. #mondaycorp #corporation #sheffield #rainbowchallenge

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5. Stock up on the essentials

Don’t turn up on the first day and start asking people to borrow stuff, it doesn’t make a great first impression, one person I know didn’t turn up with anything apart from his clothes and a towel because he thought it was all provided by the university. Don’t be that guy.

6. Get pictures printed for your notice board

Having a blank noticeboard will make your room look shit. You want to feel at home and having some pictures of you and your pals from home on your wall will help, and it’ll stop you from feeling homesick. Posters for your wall will help too, and give people a conversation starter. But don’t go too far, unless you want to embrace your inner white girl/fuckboy.

7. Get out and see Sheffield

Sheffield has something to offer for everyone, from the bars on West Street, to the many green spaces we have around the city (check out Endcliffe park on Ecclesall Road asap, it’s great).

(props if you find the “Sorry I’ve got no change” location)

8. Get involved with something new

Both Hallam and Uni of offer a huge range of societies and sports teams for you to get involved in, go to the sports and societies fairs during freshers week but don’t go mad and sign up for everything, just sign up to the ones you’re genuinely interested in. Teams and societies are a great way to make lasting friendships for uni, and the sports teams also give you a chance to get rid of the inevitable beer belly you’ll  start growing.

9. Go to West Street Live

WSL is a go to bar on West Street for students, with free entry and opening until late; it’s a crime to not go. They often have live bands performing too (it’s in the name) and cater to a broad range of music tastes. Even better is the massive range of drinks they have at pocket change prices, of course I’ll have another rainbow bomb for a quid.

10. Enjoy your time here

Moving to Sheffield from a quiet market town was one of the best things I’ve done so far, Sheffield has plenty to offer to those who seek it, with a brilliant nightlife scene and a growing recognition as the ‘outdoor’ city, Sheffield is a great choice, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.

P.S visit The Peak District, it’s right on your doorstep and a student single to Fox House is only a quid.