What to do when it’s raining in Sheffield

It seems it’s always raining, here in Sheffield. With that realisation at hand, we though we’d knock together another handy list to help fuel ideas on the damper days.

Learn something new.

Sheffield might not have as many Museums and Galleries as other cities like London, though we do still have a decent variety of places open locally. Go see what’s on display at the Millennium Gallery, learn a bit about history at the Weston Park Museum, find out what happened in the Wars at Kelham Island and get educated on the emergency services at the Fire & Police Museum. Don’t forget about Graves Art Gallery too, above the Central Library.

Jump off/over something.

Parkour has recently been classified as a Sport, here in the UK, so there’s never been a better time to get involved with the local community. There’s regular indoor sessions at Steel City Gym, on Broadfield Road and loads of stuff always going off at Team Katalyst, in Rotherham.

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Get a drink and a bite to eat.

Sheffield has plenty of bars, cafes and coffee shops open at various times of the day. If it starts pissin’ it down and you’re already out, no need to fret, there’s bound to be somewhere fantastic where you can go and chill with the beverage of your choice and a good meal, within a few minutes walk.

We personally recommend La Patisserie (Ecclesall Road), Steam Yard (Division Street) and Twisted Burger Co (at The Harley).

Look at some Plants.

Sheffield’s “Winter Garden” is right in the middle of town and open most of the day. here you can find around 2,000 plants from all around the world. The smaller shrubs are changed 5 times a year, to offer seasonal variety, but the larger trees and plants can be admired all year round.

“Brave” Meadowhall.

Sheffield’s busiest indoor Shopping Centre boasts too many shops to count or keep up with, plenty of fast food options, as well as good quality restaurants, and, best of all, it’s always dry. It’s gonna be busier on rainy days though, so brace yourself!

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Explore the Market.

Castle Market is long gone, though many of it’s residents, as well as a bunch of new businesses, can be found in the Moor Market. Go hide from the rain, browse the stalls, butchers markets and discount items, then stock up on rolling papers and grab an awesome Chinese Meal or maybe a sweet burger from Twisted Burger Co.

Get wet.

Rain isn’t even that bad, really. It’s just water.  Go for a walk somewhere nice, just stay warm and put your hood up.

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